Can I develop a faster golf swing speed with your program?

I was asked the following question recently – and it is followed by my response:

“I have worked very hard to increase my golf swing speed.  I do both strength and endurance training, including bench press, reps on the bench, squats and explosion exercises.  Is it feasible for me to actually think that I can develop an even faster swing speed with your program?”

It sounds like you have never tried using the resistance band with an isometric training strategy.  If not, then there is quite possibly a huge upside to your athletic performance.

Swinging a club fast is not determined by how strong your muscles are, but rather how fast your muscles can contract with the club in your hands.  Most people possess the minimum amount of strength to do this, what they lack is the ability to contract their muscles quickly. 

Weight training should not be used as a yardstick to measure ones potential with respect to club head speed and driving distance.  In some cases, these numbers may actually be limiting your potential.

It’s not always easy to accept something that runs contrary to what we strongly believe; and, in this case, the concept that stronger muscles means faster muscles. 

Without getting too deep into the subject, one has to ask is doing all of this weightlifting designed to make one stronger or is it designed to make one faster.  Because, it cannot be designed for both, since muscles have both slow and fast twitch fibers that have entirely different characteristics and as a result, the training must also be different.

Weight-lifting is important, but it accounts for only a part of ones overall athletic performance.


  1. Apnapertly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  2. Joe Quinzi says:

    I am a 74 year golf instructor and a life member of the PGA, a certified fittness trainer with the Titleist Instituate. I am on my third week useing speed training I feel much loser as I walk and my back swing is longer with a full shoulder turn. The distance is the same but I think it will come with a few more weeks. Do you find this true with older golfers. So far I like the felling of more spring in my bodey and no pain.

  3. Charles says:

    I am somewhat new to golf. I wanted to learn enough about the game to play a good round. After so much trial and error, and also getting advise from many other players in which none of it worked to improve my game. One day i decided to hire someone in hopes of getting to where i wanted to be. It did not work for me ,although i did learn a lot. After looking at the different offers online in reguards as to how someone could improve their game, i decided to try some of these programs. I learned something from some of them. After becoming confused i thought, well why don’t i try to use what is working for me ,and learn more as i play.
    When i read about using the bands for speed training, i felt like i was almost where i wanted to be. After using the bands and following the program, you can take my word, it works ,and i do mean it works. I’m writing this because i read some other comments that said your product dosen’t work. One guy said that he followed the program fully. The only thing that i have to say about that is this. A lie dosen’t care who tells it.
    I love your program and others will to.