Golf Exercises to Increase Club Head Speed

If a golfer whats to make dramatic improvements in his golf game, and specifically to add distance to his shots and drives, he will need to start looking at himself more as an athlete.

Sure, there are many aspects of the game that need to be addressed, including the mental approach as well as the basic mechanics. But many golfers have overlooked the need for physical conditioning.

One reason golfers haven’t considered a physical conditioning program to improve their game is because weight training and other strength training programs have not been specifically designed to condition muscles for longer drives.

There are about 22 muscles involved in the golf swing. In order to increase your club head speed and drive your shots longer distances, you will need to condition these muscles:

  1. In the same way that they are used in the golf swing; and
  2. So that they contract faster – giving you greater speed in your golf swing.

But here is the rub – There is no weight machine or exercise out there that will condition all your golf swing muscles specifically for speed. Until now.

The secret to faster muscles, increased clubhead speed, and longer drives is to condition the fast twitch fibers in your golf swing muscles to perform a fast twitch response.

The usual golf exercises and playing rounds of golf may help develop your skills and your mental approach to the game, but they are not going to give you greater muscle speed to produce longer drives and shots.

In order to increase your club head speed you will need to condition the specific muscles used in your golf swing for speed and quickness.

You will find that these golf exercises, unlike other forms of sports training,:

  1. Are easy to do… even if you have not exercised in years.
  2. Can be done at home or anywhere else (No special equipment is needed).
  3. Take just a few minutes a day – like maybe 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. Will give you noticable results in just a few days… even if you are already strong or fit.
  5. Will have you feeling more energetic and more fit – others will take notice.
  6. Are appropriate and effective for all ages, fitness levels and experience, for both men and ladies. It does not matter who you are or how well you play.
  7. Will condition for greater speed the specific muscles used in the golf swing.
  8. Will give you greater club head speed for longer drives and shots even if you already have the longest drives.


“I usually never write to companies but I had to report my success with utilizing your isometric band sytem for longer golf drives.

As of two weeks ago my drives were clocked an average of 107mph with the fastest swing speed of 111 – after following your program for two weeks my golf swing speed was just clocked at the range using a doppler radar at a consistent average of 115mph with a high of 119mph – Amazing!!
I’m going back on to the training and wanted to say thank you for the results of your product (system) – it is simply the best.”

G. Williams – PA

“In the past I have been lifting weights and though ‘looked’ stronger, in actual fact I struggled with my golf swing and distance.

Though I did finish 3rd in the long ball driving championships in Canada (in my age group) I felt I had not reached my potential. I continued to bulk lift and get stronger but realized my distance was not improving. I had to look for something else.

I read about your isometrics program and I have been religiously using your Drive Longer training guide daily, and know first hand that I am beginning to feel well…different. I went to our golf dome a couple of days ago, warmed up, had a Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed of the club head and distance.

To my amazement, my club head speed was clocked at 124. Last year my maximum speed was 110-113. Distance rated last year was 328-335. Distance this year 348-355 yards.
What an amazing transformation. I am really looking forward to hitting the tees once the ranges open.

My goal is to make it to the Worlds Long Ball Finals in Las Vegas. I know if I get there, I’ll be one of the favorites to win it (In my age group, Super Seniors).

So I will continue doing what I do with your program and when others ask me how I improved I will certainly promote your Drive Longer program.

Thanks again.”

Gary (baby boomer) Nickerson [Long Ball Driving Professional]

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