Football Speed Training and the 40 Yard Dash

Football Speed Training and the 40 Yard Dash

Football speed is often measured by a 40 yard dash time. The single most common speed training mistake made by football players is thinking you can get faster by using excessive strength training, plyometrics, or endurance training workouts.

For years, football players have been taught that more is better, and “no pain no gain.” That’s great for a football player trying to get bigger and stronger. But for those trying to get faster, well, it’s just not going to work. The fact is, extensive repetitions in strength training or plyometrics training can actually make your muscles slower, even if you appear to run faster.

Weight training and plyometric training, along with running down a field with a parachute or weight sled strapped around your waistline may build strength or endurance but they will not generate the quick muscular responses needed for blazing speed and quickness.

This is why most football players actually do get slower in their 40 times. When you talk with them, they are dumbfounded, surprised and even a little embarrassed.

The bottom line is this: Training for blazing speed cannot be accomplished in the same way as training for strength and endurance – no matter how hard you try.

The second most common mistake football players make when trying to improve their 40 yard sprint time is training the wrong muscles used in running faster.

The thigh flexor muscles are considered to be the primary muscle group involved in running. The faster you can accelerate your thighs upwards and forward, the faster you will be able to run.

And believe it or not, the thigh flexor muscles are the most overlooked muscle in almost all speed training programs. In fact, you probably won’t find a single weight machine in your gym that targets these muscles.

Which means you have plenty of unused speed in your thigh flexor muscles alone. And if you condition them purely for speed, the way we teach it, you will leave your 40 yard dash competitors in the dust with their jaws dropped.

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