Reviews of the programs

Those who have used an speed training program will sometimes tell us about their experience and the results they have seen. They offer their statements without us asking them for it, and they often give us permission to share their story.

Those who have participated in the speed training challenge are encouraged to record their beginning times and their times after using the program for two weeks; and then share those results with us and tell us about their experience, both by writing a short statement and also by sending us either an audio or video recording. Some of the results which have been submitted can be found on this AthleticQuickness reviews page and also on this page of additional reviews.



  1. Hunter says:

    I just ordered the program but it has not been delivered yet I lift 4 days per week Monday-friday with Wednesday off and go to a trainer that works on my speed and athleticism Monday Wednesday and Friday I am desperate to improve my speed but I can’t not stop what I’m already doing because it’s not optional will your program still be effective to me? And what type of result should I expect to see at the end of 4 weeks if I’m doing all this alongside run faster. And also im going to be a sophomore in highschool I am not very fast and really need to step it up this year I play runningback and linebacker and my speed is really starting to hurt me I can lift a lot but none of it is translating over into my athleticism on the field. So will I still see good results after around 4-5 weeks of doing this before my season starts? I don’t plan on stopping it once the season starts I just need a general idea if I’ll still see the results im looking for after about 4-5 weeks please help!!

  2. admin says:

    Adam, a lot of athletes find themselves in similar situations. The single most important thing regarding these exercises is to simply do them in spite of what other things you may be doing. Having said that, you should at least consider some minor changes if you feel that you are doing too much training. One way to reduce the amount of training would be to perform the exercise only twice with each leg instead of three times. You would simply need to see how you feel after doing the exercises the way they are recommended first before changing them up. Hope this helps.

  3. Adam says:

    I have track practice everyday so I pretty much do different speed workouts at my school track for 2 hours from Monday to Friday. Is it ok for me to this this program 3 times a week while I also have practice during that week or would it be too much to do if I also want results in 14 days?

  4. admin says:

    you can do the band exercises right along with your regular training. at some point you may feel that you are doing ‘too much of everything’ and so you will want to consider resting from your exercises for a day or two. yes, you can run on your days off but like I mentioned in the other question of yours, if you are running on tired legs, then you shouldn’t expect to post a fast time. so, give your body not only the exercise it needs, but also the rest it needs. remember, resting your muscles IS DOING SOMETHING…and that is, allowing them to grow properly. All the best!

  5. admin says:

    yes, you can run on your days off. while it’s good to be involved in a lot of training in the offseason, or any time for that matter, what you have to take in to consideration when you do go out and run is whether or not
    you are fully recovered and rested. If you go out and run on tired legs, well, I think we all know what to expect…perhaps a time that is not as fast as you would like. So, just keep that in mind with your training and if you are interested to see if you are gaining any speed, then you will want to plan accordingly to rest a few days, from everything, before you time yourself. All the best!

  6. ridge says:

    I have training camp which includes weight lifting and I use the band exercise and I don’t know a certain amount of rest days I take off ,and also i wnba know can I run during those rest days

  7. Ridge Moreland says:

    I have football conditioning camp in the morning that includes weight lifting and I just started the band exercise and I dont know either to two days of rest from the band exercise or one ,and also could I still run during the resting period

  8. admin says:

    Our software platform is mobile compatible and it should be okay to view the material (videos and pdf files) on your iPhone5. Most exercise bands will work, the only recommendation is to get lighter resistance as opposed to really heavy/strong resistance. The reason is that with the lighter bands, you can also use more than one at a time to increase the amount of resistance to match your strength level. With stronger bands, if they end up being too strong, then
    you won’t be able to use them effectively. I know that most sporting goods stores sell them and I also know that you can get them at Walmart. Also, regarding the bands, you want them to be at least 5′ long since when they are tied in a loop, you will lose a little length due to the knot. All the best! Dr. Larry.

  9. Abran Patino says:

    Hi I’m really looking into buying the program. Only I only have access to the internet through my iPhone 5. Will this be a problem as far as viewing the videos or delivery? Also I read about “bands”. What are they and where can I buy them from your recommended brands? Thank you.

  10. admin says:

    Yes, you can lift weights alongside our program however, we usually recommend not to lift weights during the first two weeks so that you can accurately access the value of the program. But yes, our programs can be done alongside anything you are doing.

    You don’t want to get to the point where you can hold the final position for 30+ seconds. If you can, that is a sign that there isn’t enough resistance in your setup. You should feel as though you will need to take a rest from the exercise around the 10 second mark for them to be effective.

    The videos we have out there only show one exercise for the swing phase. That is a really strong phase of running that is often overlooked. The rest you will have to buy the program for.

    All the best!

  11. admin says:

    Hi Jay, the program outlines a schedule to be followed which includes exercises for 4 days a week so, there is no need to do them every day.

    There are many different types of bands available to use and the ones we recommend are the brand name Cando. But as long as the bands have reasonable resistance you should be fine.

    We also recommend using bands that are least 5 feet long as that will give you plenty of options regarding your setup positions.

  12. jay brown says:

    Can I also do this everyday? Also what are the band requirements and are there any prerequisites? Just tell me everything I need to do and I will do it! I really need help

  13. jay brown says:

    Hello… I put my email in for the athletic quickness website and is it free or do I have to pay for it? I’m a highschool senior going to college and I really really need to become faster because I’m really slow! But I wanted to know if I can still lift weights everyday and do the program? How long will it take? And can I do 30 seconds with the bands… Oh and by the way I only got training instructions for one of the phases the swing phase I think. How can I get the instructions for all the phases? I really need this Dr.Larry Van Such. I’m desperate for this please help me please.

  14. Dr. Larry Van Such says:

    Hi Darrien,

    It sounds like you are putting in good effort with everything. You mentioned that you do squats every other day: my take on that is while I like squats to help with running, doing them that often may be counterproductive. It usually takes about 72 hours for your muscles to fully recover from a workout and if you are exercising your glutes and hamstrings (and even your quads) 3 to 4 times a week, they may not be getting the proper rest to develop.

    So, my first suggestion would be to do squats once a week and at most twice with a proper rest in between. Also, you don’t want to be in the middle of your recovery period (72 hours) from this exercise at the time of your race. In other words, you would probably want to stop any heavy lifting a couple of days before your race so that your muscles are fully recovered.

    Regarding the training program, you want to make sure the exercises are challenging for you. What I mean by this is if you can easily hold the final positions for a lot longer than 15 seconds, then you don’t have enough resistance. If this is the case, then use more than one band at the same time to make the exercises more challenging.

  15. darrien twyman says:

    ive done this program for about 3 weeks and i have yet to see any true results.i have time trials for track next friday and im a freshmen hoping to make varsity. one of my friends always beats me in the 100m by barely half a foot and no matter how many times ive done the workouts he still wins. am i doing the workouts wrong or do you think track workouts on top on the run faster program are killing my results. i also squat every other day if that means anything.

  16. admin says:

    Each exercise takes about 3 minutes to complete. Since you are doing 5 exercise per day, it should take you about 15 minutes total time.

    Some athletes have asked if they can modify this schedule by either doing more or less reps for a particular exercise on a given day as well as increasing the number of times they do the exercises in a particular week. We support this idea provided athletes pay specific attention to the results these changes have on their running speed.

    All the best!
    Dr. Larry VanSuch

  17. mohammad says:

    when ur doing he excercises does it take 5 minutes to finish because it takes me 15 or more to finish it and what do i do because i have football matches on saturday and sunday and when i try to do the excercises on the nextday my legs are really sore so should i do the excercise on the next day instead on the day i am supposed to do the excercise because my legs are sore will that effect my training and speed and when will i see the difference i have been doing it for a week now and i dont see improvments that much am i doing it wrong

  18. admin says:

    Hi Sara, the reason we recommend not to do any other training programs alongside ours for the first two weeks is so that you can accurately assess the value of the program without their being any other contributing factors. Certainly this may not
    be possible for some people. However, we do recognize the value of other programs and recommend athletes incorporate other strength and speed strategies into their routine that they feel are helpful.

  19. sara says:

    I bought the run faster program and I thought i read somewhere awhile back that I shouldn’t do like weight lefting using my legs when im doing the program if I want full results? If so can I still do my running exercise and boxes, jumping on and over boxes.