Rotational Hitting – Hip rotation during the baseball swing. Analysis involving the external hip rotator muscles.

Rotational hitting is a phrase that you hear a lot in baseball but what does it actually mean? Well, it refers to the circular, or rotational, path that the bat-head travels in as a result of certain muscular movements that take place in the body when you swing the bat.

Specifically, there are only two areas in the body that are actually rotating in a circular path and those are: 1) the hips and 2) the spine. . You may have heard that the arms rotate during the swing, but this is not anatomically correct.

Arms or shoulders only rotate during the throwing, or pitching, motion. But during the loading phase of the swing, one arm is initially adducted across the body while the other is abducted away from it.

And what may appear as the arms rotating during the swinging of the bat during the launching phase is actually rotation that is occurring in the hips and spine, carrying the arms and shoulders around with them.

So, no arm or shoulder is undergoing any rotation whatsoever during any part of the swing.

Therefore, in this video, we are going to show you how rotational hitting applies to the hips during the baseball swing and in another post, I will show you how it relates to spine rotation.

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Dr. Larry Van Such