Baseball Bat Speed Training

Baseball Bat Speed Training

Speed training exercise programs for baseball are important in almost every baseball skill. Batting, throwing and running all benefit from quicker and faster muscle speed.

For example.

If a batter can increase his baseball bat speed during the swing he will:

  • Have more time before starting the swing
  • Get around on fastballs
  • Drive the ball farther
  • Strike out less often
  • And develop more confidence at the plate.

Hitting technique and strength training are important, but proper bat speed exercises are crucial to generating more power in the swing. The faster a batter can swing the bat the more power he will generate . To improve your batting, you will need to increase your bat swing speed. Baseball swing training that teaches the mechanics of the swing as well as the muscles involved in each movement of the swing will show how to perfect the timing of the swing and show the muscles that will need both speed and strength. The same applies to softball.

Exercises that develop for speed the muscles involved in throwing will generate greater pitching speed as well as throwing speed. Getting the ball to the fielder of choice as quickly as possible will make the difference between a runner being safe or out. Of course for a pitcher, the speed of his pitches is crucially to being successful.

Of course speed is crucial in baseball on the base paths as well as in field. There is no substitute for speed to beat out a hit, take an extra base, or chase down a fly ball. Often a runner is safe or out at first by a half step or less. Just a little more speed on the base paths can make a big difference in determing the outcome of the game. The applies in the field. Getting to a grounder or a fly ball in time will make the difference in a game.

Strength training can not replace pure speed training when it comes to developing fast muscles and quick reactions.

For quick bat speed, pitching and throwing speed and fast running you will need to be both strong and fast, and you can not develop your muscles for strength in the same way you condition them for speed.

Many baseball players are frustated in their attempts to hit with more power. If their training does include exercises for muscle speed and are relying only on muscle strength then their perfermance at the plate will suffer. Combining muscle strength with muscle speed adds another layer of condition that can only help to improve one’s bat speed and power.

A baseball players ability to compete and win will depend on several factors, and in a big way one of those factors is speed, and that includes running speed, throwing speed and bat speed.

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Baseball Bat Speed Training Program

Baseball Bat Speed Program

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