Run Faster Program Now Available For Digital Download

After several years of giving it serious consideration, the wildly popular Run Faster training program by is now available in digital format for immediate download to customers.

For more than ten years, had been offering the program in paper/manual format.  We still offer it this way and there are many advantages to doing so.  But the cost of shipping, especially to our international customers, was nearly the cost of the entire program.

Now, through an online website,, the Run Faster program can be purchased and customers from all over the world, including here in the United States, can get instant access right to their computers with all the exercises on video as well as printable format.

No more waiting for the postman to deliver the mail.  The convenience of this format has been met with great enthusiasm as many of the people buying the program online are now able to start their training shortly after purchasing.

Rest assured, the program is still available in hard copy form and can be purchased through our main website.

If you would like to try one of the exercises in the program, you can watch the video on youtube here:  How To Run A Faster 40

You can also go directly to the site and download the isntructions for the 14 day speed training challenge.