How To Run A Faster 40 Yard Dash Challenge


NFL Cornerback for the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints, Mark Parson, found so much quick and instant success with the Run Faster program, that he has teamed up with to offer kids of all ages, including his professional buddies, to take the 14 day speed training challenge.

Mark’s personal best in the 40 yard dash coming out of college was 4.56 seconds. That wasn’t fast enough to get him drafted but he did make it into the NFL as an un-drafted free agent.

While in the NFL, Mark found our website, and started the exercise shown in the video above.  While in his hotel room, Mark tied a simple resistance band around the bed and did the exercise for just a few days.

After a week, his coaches noticed something different about him, and Mark did too.  So, they decided to time him again in the 40.  This time, he ran a personal best 4.44 on grass! Not bad for just a few minutes work!

You too can joint a select group of athletes who have taken the 14 day speed training challenge.  Learn how to run a faster 40 and start getting quicker today!

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