Hip Flexor Exercises. Great for Speed! a.k.a. Thigh Flexors


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What is an isometric exercise? Isometric Exercises Definition


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Drive Phase of Sprinting: aka Power or Push phase. Muscles & Motion.


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Increase stride length and turnover rate. Hip Flexor Muscles


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The Run Faster program now in Spanish

We have launched a new website called www.VelocidadAtletica.com, which means, Athletic Speed in Spanish.

The Run Faster program is now for sale on that website and the entire program is available, for immediate download, in Spanish, once your order is placed.  We even have customer support that can handle your questions in Spanish as well.

So, if you get a chance, check it out! It was certainly a good challenge for me in converting all of the videos and written descriptions over to a language I really don’t know much about… but I have learned a few words and hope to learn more.


Dr. Larry Van Such

Exercise to get faster sprint speed in days

The video on this page demonstrates how to get faster by conditioning the hip (thigh) flexor muscles for dramatic increases in your sprint speed.