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Exercise For Faster Hip Rotation Speed

I responded to this question the other day:

My chosen career requires a quick, powerful physical movement done alternately with each hand. I need to create an explosion of speed through just a few inches. . The movement starts with a resistance of about 10 lbs, and the resistance grows geometrically through the movement of just a few inches. I need an instantaneous explosion of speed through that resistance. Will the training help me to move quickly through a high resistance?

Yes, I would like to see a short video if you are able to provide one as it would enable me to gain a clearer understanding of what your are looking to improve. I would assume for the moment that you are looking to better develop your martial arts skills and especially your hand speed. As you probably know better than most, a lot of the upper body speed and power comes from a strong and quick core and primarily the rotation around your hips.

Developing faster hip rotation speed has been typically accomplished by simply engaging in the very same activity that you are looking to improve, with perhaps more effort than normal. With that however, comes a loss of control in the very technique you want to develop so, bad habits can quickly be learned.

Two muscle groups come to mind when I think of hip rotation: external hip rotators and internal hip rotators. I have yet to see any really good exercise one can engage in at the gym that specifically targets these two muscle groups. However, through working with the resistance band for the past 15+ years and paying close attention to inquiries like yours, I have been able to develop exercises that engages these two muscle groups directly. The good news is that we show one of them on our site for the external hip rotators here:

and here:

Hip rotation exercise

The not so good news is that at the time the MMA program was written, this exercise was not included, although you do have it available to you now. The other exercise is for the internal hip rotators and this can be done by simply referring to the exercise above and either place the band on the opposite leg and do the exercise, or, keep it on the same leg shown in the picture but face the opposite direction.

Developing quick and strong hip rotation is foundational for all the sports including tennis, baseball and golf where the arms are used extensively, so I would think the same should apply to your situation. Without speculating any further on what exactly you are looking for, I will leave my answer as is for now.

All the best.
Dr. Larry Van Such

Tennis Speed Training: Serve Faster, Return Harder and Move Quicker With Isometric Training

The latest version of the Tennis Speed Training program has been released. It has been updated to include 20 exercises that will add power and speed to the Serve, Forehand and the Backhand. Plus it has exercises to develop more speed and quickness getting to the ball and approaching the net.

All of the exercises use the proven training method of using resistance bands with an isometric training strategy. This training technique will strengthen and quicken muscles in ways that other training methods, including weights and plyometrics are just capable of doing. The dynamic elastic properties of the resistance band are ideal for speed training purposes or for increasing the contraction speed of muscles.

Tennis players use diverse groups of muscles in both the upper body as well as the lower body. The Tennis Speed Training program covers all the muscles used in the various strokes and in court movement. In many instances the lower body muscles are used to add power to the serve, backhand and forehand. These lower body muscles are conditioned as well as the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.

A unique and effective exercise has been developed and included in the training program that conditions the muscles of the core and hips. This exercise will provide the tennis player with additional speed and power in the swing by strenghtening and quickening the rotation of hips as used in the forehand and backhand strokes.

If you would like to try one of the exercises contained in the program for you court speed, visit us at