NBA Playoffs – Celtics vs Cavs

Finally, someone is actually talking about how the Cavs would actually be a better team when LeBron is not playing point guard.  On TNT last night, Magic Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley actually got out of their chairs to demonstrate what happens when LeBron plays the point and how the defense backs away from him, baiting him to take jump shots.  They said that is the game plan, to make LeBron a jump shooter.  That is the worst thing for the Cavs offense and all three acknowledged that.  Barkley made the comment that James needs to be a “finisher” and not a “starter” with respect to running offensive plays.  He likened James to Scottie Pippen who would start the offense, except that Pippen had someone named Jordan to pass to and LeBron doesn’t.
Kenny Smith did a nice job showing what would happen if Lebron actually posted his man down low, explaining how he would only have to deal with 1 1/2 men on defense based on positioning as opposed to two men in his face at the top of the key. 
Sure enough, when the ball is taken out of his hands at the point position, the players look more like a team and consequently they won, even though Lebron couldn’t resist jacking up a few wild “threes”.  Maybe they need to contact Cavs coach Mike Brown and remind him that Lebron is best when he gets in the paint and is not necessarily a great jump shooter.
Sczerbiak, Gibson, West, Smith and Ilgauskus are equally if not better jump shooters than Lebron.  When he gets them involved early, they are hard to beat.  Series is now tied 2-2.

Lebron James dunk over KG and through the rest of the Celts last night was amazing.  That must have felt good.  check it out on youtube if you missed it: