Rotational Hitting. Spine rotation during the baseball swing. Muscle analysis and mechanics.

In a related blog post regarding rotational hitting, we talked about how it referred to the circular path that the bat-head travels in when certain muscles contract in your body when you swing the bat.

We found that the hips and spine are the only two regions where rotation takes place and how even though the arms may appear to rotate, there is no physical rotation taking place at the shoulder joint, such as internal rotation or external rotation.

And so in this post, the video identifies the muscles involved along the spine that cause it to rotate.  These muscles are the external abdominal oblique, the multifidus and the rotatores spinae.  Contraction of these muscles on the left side of the body turns your chest and abdomen to the right and likewise, contraction of these muscles on the right side of your body will turn your chest and abdomen to the left.

This muscular contraction enables the body to produce what most people are calling rotational hitting and the power that is generated from it is far greater than any other batting technique.

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Dr. Larry Van Such