About Dr. Larry Van Such

Dr. Larry Van Such

Several years ago, while studying to be a doctor, I had a goal to build strength in my legs because back in high school I had been a kicker and I had just been approached to play on a competitive flag football team.

So I applied a training method of isometrics using a resistance band, something I learned as a youth, to every major muscle group in my legs and sure enough I got stronger and was able to re-establish a fairly good kicking leg.

But something amazing happened that I had never expected. As a normal pre-kicking routine, I would always run a few sprints and pass routes to loosen up. When I did this, just one day after applying isometric training with the resistance band to my legs, I was able to sprint faster than in high school. I was able to push off with incredible power! I couldn’t believe it!

I was so impressed with my new found speed that I spent the next few days recording the exact steps I took to achieve these phenomenal results in hopes of sharing this information with other athletes. As a result, I wrote my first book titled Run Faster With Isometric Training.

I figured that if this type of training was so incredibly effective for sprinters, why wouldn’t it be effective for other athletes in their particular sport?

So now, being a doctor and having a good knowledge of anatomy and the workings of muscles, and also being an athlete and trained as an engineer, I have been on a quest to educate athletes about how to make their muscles faster and quicker in all their athletic skills.